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Restore your life, mind, and body.

Opportunities to grow with Sphie range from private & online sessions, workshops and travel retreats.

Consider working with Sphie for a deeper understanding in any of the following areas: yoga and mindfulness, stress & anxiety relief, healing of trauma & injury, inner peace, and connectedness.

Sound Therapy

Sphie practices a technique of vibrational sound healing utilizing Himalayan Singing Bowls. Trained under Suren Shrestha at Atma Buti in Boulder, Colorado, Sphie offers traditional sound healing derived from the Kathmandu region of the Himalayas. Also a trained Reiki I & II practitioner, Sphie intertwines these methods with techniques derived from craniosacral therapy and shamanism.

Sound therapy techniques utilize vibrations and tones generated from the singing bowls. Throughout the session, the recipient remains fully clothed and rests on a massage table. The bowls are then placed on various points of the body and a small amount of warm water is placed at the bottom of the bowl. The bowls are then played to generate the vibrations and tones. The combination of the vibrations, warm water, and other methods diffuse negative energy and stress sitting within the body. This promotes physical and mental balance, relaxation, peacefulness, clarity and overall well-being.

Benefits Include: Stress & Anxiety Relief, Trauma Relief, Alleviation of Sleep/Digestive Disorders, Healing of Chronic Illness & Injury, Overall Peace & Clarity

Private Yoga

Sphie offers private yoga sessions for balance of mind, body and spirit. The syncing of asana (movement) and pranayama (the breath of yoga) are combined to generate steadiness and ease. Trained in modalities of trauma-informed and self-regulatory yoga, Sphie offers an energetic, yet restorative flow building strength from the inside out.

Benefits include: Mind & body balance, restoration, core strength, reduced stress & anxiety, awareness and inner peace.

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*Note – A number of sliding scale appointments are reserved for individuals unable to pay full price.