Sphie, singer, songwriter, and yogini, is motivated by a deep compassion for all humanity. Her vigor for life attributes to her unique blending of asana (the linking of breath and movement) with meditation and music. She encourages deep self-understanding, authenticity, love, and true connection to life.

Sphie began her journey in mindfulness in 2007 after she sold most of her possessions and embarked on “a journey of the soul.” Along the way, she fell in love with meditation, mindfulness, and yoga and devoted years of study with many learned teachers. These teachers provided great transformation. The most impactful growth was realized in unexpected places. Her wisest spiritual teachers became the characters befriended in passing moments. These individuals offered insights to better understand the embodiment of surrender in every moment.

For Sphie, unlikely friendships became the palate of experience to paint a new story. Unexpected living environments exposed her to many diverse people that allowed her to learn the art of presence and living in the moment. In this presence, she learned that we are already living in the love and connection that we seek to attain. 

This foundation for learning became Sphie’s connection to each and every moment. Along her travels, some of her greatest insights came from her residency in a Buddhist Zen Center, sacred vision quests,  Vipassana retreat, Lakota sweat lodges, and long-distance hiking. Out of these experiences, she grasped the importance of interdependence, the art of solidarity, embodiment, and the essence of service. 

As a companion to this knowledge, years of residency in diverse communities provided exploration of relationship, unconditional love, communication and her connection to empowering it.

Living in close proximity to strangers became an elemental learning tool for Sphie. In community, she learned that healthy boundaries and communication allow for fearless interaction. It was while immersing into communities and farms in both the Pacific Northwest and northern California that she also learned the art of abundance. In these places, she learned that true abundance is not a material fortune. True abundance is the ability to see opportunity and fortune presented in every single moment. The simplicity in language, in love, and in realizing that we have enough became the impetus for expanding creativity and growth.

Sphie’s respect and connection to the natural world is perhaps the root in foundation for her practice and teaching. It was through camping, hiking, and many journeys in nature that Sphie learned that connection extends far beyond the human and physical form. Learning to live in communion and love with the Universe presents Divine connection to all life forms.

Sphie weaves a mind/body connection through movement, breath, music, and sound. She provides a safe setting to unravel the human condition and explore true freedom and infinite connectedness. She is devoted to a pathway of living in love. Together, we can weave the web of life and empowerment within communities. This then extends to the greater world around us. She hopes you will join her in the journey to breath, movement and experience to a greater connection to this life.